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Hip Xiong is Singapore's only wet plate tintype portrait studio. Through the use of modern equipment and refined techniques, we are reviving the charm of a medium that predates film, blurring the lines between

Alchemy and Photography.

"It takes time to truly understand a person in your photography."

- Chua Soo Bin

Individual Portrait

Have your portrait taken and get a sneak peek of the preparation work that goes behind the entire process.

Theres always room for two. Take home an archival piece of imagery that will last for centuries and witness the entire process while we are at it.

Couple Portrait
Group Portrait

We are able to cater for groups of up to 4 adults in a shot. Children below the age of 13 and pets are not advisable. Do reach out to us on WhatsApp to understand more.


Digital photography has revolutionised and somewhat democratised image making. We are inundated with images on social media that we are becoming desensitised to the power of the still image.


At Hip Xiong we believe in creating something with tangible value - one of a kind images formed by silver particles on a metal sheet.


Through our constant effort to perfect the wet plate collodion process, we are able to make the knowledge more accessible to anyone who is fascinated by its unique aesthetic and want to use it as a new form of artistic expression.

For those who need our instructor's undivided attention, we have a 1-on-1 tintype workshop.

1-On-1 Workshop

Come with a friend, a family member or your partner. It will be time well spent creating your first tintypes together.

Couple Workshop

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